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HP Business Desktops

High-performance and expandable desktop devices with industry-leading security and collaboration features.

HP Business Laptops

A sophisticated choice, combining industry-leading security with beauty, durability, and functionality.

HP Business Monitors

A portfolio of immersive and adaptable displays to expand your visual experience and enhance your workstyle.


Find the perfect accessories for productivity and entertainment – docks, cables, adapters, bags, keyboard and mice.

As the best computer store in Australia, we can help you find the perfect HP computer supplies for your business. You’ll find everything an ambitious business needs with Metropolitan Computer and Supplies.

We have the best HP laptop prices in Australia, and our team has the expertise and guidance to help you find exactly what you’re looking for – from small businesses to large and complex workflows.

For businesses on the move, we can guide you through our HP laptops for sale – all designed to enable collaborative experiences for hybrid work styles.

Powered up and ready to go with enterprise-class secured performance in your choice of form factors, our HP laptop range allows you to collaborate effortlessly and seamlessly transition wherever work happens.

If your business happens in one place, we can direct you to our range of HP business monitors.

Thanks to our portfolio of immersive and adaptable displays, we can help you to expand your visual experience and enhance your work style.

We have the solutions to even the heaviest professional workflows. If you need more from your work computer, let us help you set up HP’s Z high-performance workstations. 

They are tested, optimised and certified to power complex workflows. Because they’re engineered to outperform your typical PC, you can get more done.

You can trust these highly reliable devices and hybrid work solutions to perform tasks like data analysis, visualisation, real-time rendering, 3D design and animation. They’re designed for demanding projects, so nothing will slow your business down.

Whether it’s to increase productivity or bring in a little entertainment, we have all the computer supplies you need in one place. You’ll find docks, cables, adapters, bags, keyboards, mice and more accessories.

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