HP Products

HP Business Desktops

High-performance and expandable desktop devices with industry-leading security and collaboration features.

HP Business Laptops

A sophisticated choice, combining industry-leading security with beauty, durability, and functionality.

HP Business Monitors

A portfolio of immersive and adaptable displays to expand your visual experience and enhance your workstyle.


Find the perfect accessories for productivity and entertainment – docks, cables, adapters, bags, keyboard and mice.

HP Wolf Security for Business includes a portfolio of security solutions that are built into the hardware. 

Next-Generation Antivirus 

HP Sure Sense, intelligent threat defence that uses deep-learning AI, finds and neutralizes malware and ransomware.

Built-In Privacy screen 

Shield sensitive information from prying eyes with just the touch of a button with HP Sure View.

Operating System Resiliency 

HP Sure Recover allows users to automatically restore their OS using only a network connection, no IT required.

Firmware Security and Resiliency 

HP Sure Start, HP’s first self-healing BIOS, automatically recovers from firmware attacks or corruption by restarting with a safe copy of the BIOS. 

Firmware Administration 

HP Sure Admin creates a digital signature that allows IT administrators to securely manage BIOS settings over the network.

Application Persistence

HP Sure Run keeps critical security processes up and running, even if malware tries to shut them down.

Application Isolation

With HP Sure Click, files, applications and web pages are opened inside micro VM containers trapping malware so that endpoints and user data stay secure.

HP Device as a Service helps IT reduce the cost and complexity of device lifecycle management with the right devices, repair services, and AI-driven analytics in a predictable payment.

  • Reduce IT cost and complexity – Device provisioning, world-class care, and AI-driven analytics optimizes the device lifecycle.
  • Free up cash flow – With a predictable payment, you can prioritize budget based on your business needs.
  • Improve the employee experience – Match users with a device and configuration best suited for their computing needs.
  • Minimize security risk – Built-in security on HP devices and security insights help address issues before they affect users.
Key features:
  • One-step hardware, support and service solution across multiple vendors and operating systems.
  • Insightful analytics and a proactive unified endpoint management service that lightens the load of IT.
  • Predictable spending and optimise cash flow with a “one price per device” model.

HP Integrated Financial Solutions is available today.

Fast funds – You can expect to have the money to buy your equipment much faster than with many other loan options.

Free up cash – To overcome cashflow issues and purchase your equipment sooner allowing you to free up cashflow for other activities

Range of payment options – Flexible choices of financing terms available to align with your asset lifecycle or beyond.

Build assets – When you’re done paying the loan, the equipment is yours. 

This is a big plus for a business that wants to count equipment as a permanent asset in its portfolio.