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Data Protection and Security: An Opportunity to Progress Business Objectives with Confidence

Cyber security has become a topic of severe concern to executives and boards in recent years. Part of this is driven by the numerous high-profile cyber incidents that have struck Australia and around the world.

The underlying reason for this is clear. Data might be the “new oil,” but as its value to the organisation has grown, so too has the risk attached to it, and the CEO and the board that they report to needs to be risk adverse.

This creates headaches for the technology leaders in the organisation. The opportunity for using the data is huge, but too often they feel like they need to “work around” the data protection concerns of the executives, and their inclination to try to lock technology environment down to “secure” it.

Of course, robust security is non-optional. But it also can’t obstruct and disrupt the productivity of the enterprise. IT solutions need to adopt a best-of-breed approach to IT, data protection and security. When there is confidence in the resilience of the IT environment, it then becomes possible to better leverage data and align the IT with the broader business objectives.

Delivering this is where HPE, Intel® and Metropolitan Computers & Supplies come in.

What Confidence in IT Looks Like

HPE’s answer to the data protection and security challenge is HPE GreenLake powered by Intel®, and with decades of experience in building enterprise technology, this solution cuts to the core of what modern security should look like. HPE GreenLake combines a best practices approach to data protection by combining advanced backup, ransomware protection, and disaster recovery together. 

HPE GreenLake is also supported by leading technologies, including powerful Intel® processors that drive enterprise-grade machine learning and AI capabilities.

To assist with the modern, decentralised IT environment, where employees are typically interacting via the cloud from remote locations, HPE GreenLake also facilitates a seamless experience for users from edge to cloud. All of this is further supported by HPE’s broader range of enterprise security and data protection services, allowing organisations to embrace the opportunity of hybrid work and remote services.

Finally, in addition to offering peace of mind that data is being handled appropriately and securely, HPE GreenLake also provides enterprises with financial clarity with a flexible, pay-per-use model.

How Metropolitan Computers & Supplies Supports Confidence in Computing

Taking full advantage of the cloud and being confident that you’ve architected the right solution to support data protection while unlocking value comes down to having the right partner. You need proven experts, with deep technical heritage, that also understand the business drivers and can convert IT to frictionless facilitators of those objectives.  

Metropolitan Computers & Supplies is a HPE Gold partner, and we support our customers on building those hybrid cloud, edge-to-cloud environments. We partner closely with our customers to help them understand and simplify their IT environments, while also minimising costs. Then, as they’re ready to scale, we work closely to ensure that the customer’s environment is as agile as it needs to be for the business to thrive.  

Our expertise in HPE technology is such that we can reduce the burden of managing environments for our customers. At a time where skills are in short supply – and a lack of IT security personnel is another reason that organisations can become risk adverse with IT – having Metropolitan Computers & Supplies in support will give you the peace of mind to free your internal resources to focus on other, value-adding projects.  

With over 25 years of expert industry experience, end-to-end IT services, and a single point of contact, Metropolitan Computers & Supplies is a leader in HPE GreenLake in Australia, and we help enable our customers to shake off risk aversion and take full advantage of the opportunity that technology presents for disruption and innovation. 

Learn more about how Metropolitan Computers & Supplies supports organisations as they transform and embrace data [Link to PKF Case study on landing page] 

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