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We understand the challenges of hybrid working in noisy environments and the importance of staying connected with your colleagues.

That’s why Jabra and Metropolitan Computers and Supplies have partnered to bring you the best product solutions for hybrid work. Jabra’s years of research and development have resulted in products specifically designed for professional use, catering to your needs in any environment, whether it’s at home, in the office or on-the-go. 

Jabra compiled a report on how you can enhance your hybrid work experience and meeting connection. Check it out here:

Communication and collaboration
in the hybrid era

Jabra products offer several unique selling points and key benefits, making them the perfect choice for professionals looking to improve their communication and collaboration capabilities in the hybrid era.

Here are just a few insights of why you should choose Jabra:

Belonging, motivation, productivity, trust, work-life balance, and mental well-being

These positive impacts have been caused by increasing employees’ ability to control where and when they do their work.

Maximize employee autonomy

In order to successfully navigating a hybrid working model based on increased employee freedom, leaders need to find ways to increase employee autonomy.

Create meaningful Workspaces

Future workspaces should be designed and equipped to include a wide range of work styles. Everyone can choose where to work as they feel that they belong to specific places. This will boost productivity and business growth.

Improve work and lives

In the future of work all employees need tools that are purpose-built for professional virtual environments. This will improve the work equity and people’s lives.

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As a Jabra Premium partner, we have demonstrated expertise in implementing and managing Jabra services for our clients. And that’s not all we’re known for…

25 years of experience

End-to-end IT services and a single point of contact

We have our own warehouse for rapid equipment

We’ll hold
inventory for your business + ship on request

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