Join us for a sustainable future

When recycling your empty print cartridges, you help protect the environment.

We believe in conducting business in a sustainable and just way. We play our important part by using renewable energy, recycling of our packing and by sponsoring & contributing to our community, we have already begun our efforts of being more sustainable. 

Sustainability is about making sure that our actions today don’t damage the environment for the future generations. We’ve got solar panels on our buildings that produce over 32 kW of energy. Additionally, we’ve gotten rid of all single use plates, cutlery and other items that aren’t sustainable. Another way we’re adding to the cause is repurposing boxes that products arrive in so we can also use them to ship products out in.

A focus area for us is to recycle your HP cartridges and help protect our environment (and yours) in the process. Simply send us your empty cartridges to our facility, and we’ll recycle them responsibly via the HP Planet Partner Recycling Program. 

If you’ve ever used  printer cartridges, we know the challenge it can pose to have a stack of empty cartridges and not knowing how to carefully dispose of them. We accept any brand of printer cartridges – if you’re not sure, just contact us we’ll be happy to talk more about our recycling program. The best part is, it doesn’t cost you a cent.

All returned cartridges go through a multiphase recycling process in which materials are refined for use in new Original HP cartridges and everyday products. HP makes sure that no cartridge returned via the program ends up in a landfill. 

Sustainability is a key issue in today’s world and recycling is one way to conserve natural resources, save energy, reducing pollution and creating jobs in that industry. Today, more than 80% of HP ink and 100% of HP toner cartridges contain recycled materials.



Contact us today to join our efforts and act responsibly and sustainably.