Metropolitan Computers and Supplies

Logistics & Warehousing

Metropolitan Computers and Supplies has made a name for itself as one of the best computer stores in Sydney. Our independent operation and national distribution centre offer computer supplies delivered the same or next day around Australia. 

For 25+ years, we’ve developed the optimum service for our clients, working with only the best technology on the market, like Hewlett Packard, Lenovo and Dell Technologies. 

Our business model is based on a commitment to client satisfaction by striving to achieve their needs and wants, to an unbeatable quality.

How do we achieve this? Our experienced customer service representatives are on hand to manage your entire journey with our flexible trading terms. We’re with you every step of the way to get your team up and running with quality computer hardware that meets and exceeds the demands of their roles.

Our team’s professional knowledge of finance solutions and end-to-end HaaS and SaaS means we can handle any stage of the process. From procuring computer supplies for your business to consulting on and designing large data centres, we make everything easy.

Once our experts have helped you make the right order for your business, we manage the entire delivery process from our very own warehouse. That means we can ensure delivery of your equipment is on time and ready to go – our reliable drivers have been with us for 10+ years and haven’t missed a delivery yet.

For our ongoing clients, our team will work with you to keep any equipment your business requires in stock. Our simple one-page stock agreement means you’ll never need to wait on your supplies so that you can get back to business without delays. 

Once your computer supplies arrive, we offer SOE installation, asset tagging, BIOS setting configuration and much more.

Single point of Contact

Our team members are experienced and available to assist with your business goals. We will manage your end-to-end journey every step of the way with our flexible trading terms and industry knowledge. 

Hold inventory for your business

Any equipment that is needed on-demand can be stored in our warehouse ready to be shipped at your request.

Logistics & Supply

Our team will ensure there are no delays or downtime, we manage the entire delivery process.

Deployment services

We can help get your equipment and software set up and working based on your unique needs. We offer SOE installation, asset tagging, BIOS setting configuration and much more.

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