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HP Business Desktop - Powerful Hardware Suited to Businesses with Heavy Workloads

Computing Power, Backed by Impenetrable Security

At Metropolitan Computers and Supplies, we specialise in providing hardware designed and manufactured by HP. HP Business Desktops are intended for use in business environments (and other sectors), where reliability, performance and security are critical.


HP Business Desktops are renowned for their exceptional performance, making them business’s go-to choice. With their powerful processors, ample memory, and fast storage options, HP Business Desktops ensure optimal productivity and efficiency. These desktops are engineered to handle demanding tasks and workloads, providing businesses with the robust performance they need. 


What sets HP Business Desktops apart is their commitment to security. Equipped with BIOS-level security, TPM technology, data encryption, and secure boot options, HP Business Desktops prioritise safeguarding sensitive data and preventing unauthorised access. By integrating these security features directly into the hardware, HP ensures businesses can meet their stringent security and compliance requirements. In addition, HP Business Desktops offer seamless manageability, making life easier for IT administrators. With a suite of management tools and technologies, businesses can efficiently deploy, monitor, and update their fleet of desktops. This simplifies IT management, reduces administrative burden, and ensures consistent performance and security across the organisation.


HP Business Desktops are also meticulously engineered and tailored to address the unique requirements of a wide range of businesses. They are designed to provide reliable and efficient computing solutions that meet the diverse needs of professionals across various industries.


Small and medium-sized businesses benefit from HP Business Desktops as they offer scalability, affordability, and flexibility. These desktops can easily adapt to evolving business needs, whether it’s expanding the workforce, accommodating new software applications, or improving overall productivity. With their powerful processors, ample storage, and memory capacity, HP Business Desktops provide the performance necessary to handle demanding business tasks.


Enterprise organisations, on the other hand, appreciate the robustness and reliability of HP Business Desktops. These desktops are built to endure heavy workloads and long hours of operation. In addition to the security measures these devices are installed with, the manageability tools offered by HP simplify IT operations, making it easy to deploy, monitor, and update a large fleet of desktops.


Government agencies also benefit from the robust security and manageability features of HP Business Desktops. These desktops adhere to strict security standards and can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT infrastructures. The comprehensive management tools provided by HP allow government IT departments to efficiently deploy software updates, monitor system performance, and enforce security policies.

Australia’s Preferred Supplier of HP Business Desktops: Metropolitan Computers and Supplies

We’ve been a trusted business in the Sydney area since 1997 and a proud loyal partner to HP for over 25 years. We’re certified HP experts, and recently were the recipients of HP PC Specialist Partner of the Year 2021 and HP Partner of the Year 2020.


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