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HP EliteBook - A Deep Dive

Why these Computers are Preferred by Professionals and the Features Separating this Device from Others on the Market?

Premium Business Laptops - Sleek Design and Industry-Leading Performance by HP

At Metropolitan Computers and Supplies, we specialise in providing HP laptops, including the beloved HP EliteBook series. The HP EliteBook range are premium business laptops that are designed to provide the best performance and security for working professionals and casual users. Aesthetically, it benefits from a sleek style, which pairs perfectly with its cutting-edge functionality. This HP laptop is also equipped with advanced features, making it one of the most reliable workspace computers on the market.

HP EliteBook Features & User Benefits

We account for a range of customers and their various business needs through our range of HP EliteBooks. Our options vary between price points, which reflect the additional features, processing power and screen sizes available. Below are just a few of our favourite shared capabilities within the HP EliteBook range.

Firstly, users of the newer computers should expect to stand out on their online calls thanks to the computers’ acclaimed 5-megapixel sensors, which support up to 1080p video.

Another key attribute in this range of HP laptops is the powerful processor. They’re equipped with the latest Intel Core processors, which provide lightning-fast speeds and the assurance that users can work on multiple tasks simultaneously.

These computers also boast a high-quality display. The HP EliteBook 840, for example, has an incredible 14-inch full HD display that is perfect for professionals who develop graphics, edit videos, or for anyone who appreciates seeing all of the detail captured in a stunning way.

Additional advantages of this range of computers include their impressive high-capacity battery. On a single charge, these laptops can reach up to 12 hours of usage, ideal for those needing to use a computer on the move and throughout the entire day.

Australia’s Preferred Supplier of HP EliteBooks: Metropolitan Computers and Supplies

We’ve been a trusted business in Sydney since 1997 and a proud, loyal partner to HP Inc. for over 25 years. We’re certified HP experts, and recently were the recipients of HP PC Specialist Partner of the Year 2021 and HP Partner of the Year 2020.


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