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HP Device Recovery: 5 Ways Your Business Can Operate and Procure Tech More Sustainably

It is the biggest of many challenges facing the world today, but could the technology industry do more on sustainability? The impact of technology is well-documented. According to the UN, the tech sector is responsible for 2 to 3 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. There are some promising initiatives, like the HP Device Recovery program, but clearly more can be done. Here are 5 ways you can make more environmentally sound tech choices. 

Use Sustainable Products

HP was first to use ocean going plastics in the construction of its HP Elite Dragonfly laptops, and source materials are an important consideration in the HP Sustainable Impact Portfolio. Some laptop components come from recycled devices under the HP Device Recovery program. You can expect to see environmental information and ratings alongside CPU and RAM when you shop for new HP devices. This is just as you might expect a star rating on larger electronic devices such as fridges and televisions. Where HP Device Recovery leads the way, Metropolitan Computers and Supplies hopes others will follow. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The three Rs of recycling are as valid in your business as they are in your home. Look for programs like HP Device Recovery, where your data is erased from old devices, which are repurposed to prevent waste. Fewer than 10% of computers in Australia are recycled, even though 98% of their components could be. The remainder heads to landfill. Many of those components come from dwindling supplies of rare earth metals, so it makes sense for HP Device Recovery to recover them.  

Use Sustainable Packaging

Many plastic packaging products end up clogging our oceans and waterways. At Metropolitan Computers and Supplies, you can expect to see us reusing packaging materials. It helps us to keep your costs down, and it is good for the planet. We also partner with vendors like HP, whose packaging is 100% recycled, and support the HP Device Recovery program. 

Make Energy Efficient Upgrades

Technology is heavy on energy consumption. In 2019, just the datacentres used to mine Bitcoin used as much electricity as the whole of Belgium. Industry leaders HP achieved energy reduction averaging 44 per cent on its laptops designs since 2010, as well as introducing HP Device Recovery. Going beyond devices: Metropolitan Computers and Supplies upgraded to use solar panels on our buildings that produce more than 32kW of energy.  

Know Where Your Old Tech Goes

It is anticipated there will be 17.2 billion devices connected to the internet by the end of 2023, so HP Device Recovery is more important than ever. Ensuring that your devices are not contributing to the 50 million tonnes of technology waste going to landfill.  

HP’s Perspective on Device Recovery

“Over the last decade, sustainability has rightly become a necessity for organisations. HP has made it a priority to embed sustainability at the heart of its operations, frameworks, services, products, and assets – so when our customers partner with us, they are reaping the sustainability benefits too. We continue to focus on doing the right thing, so we can deliver lasting value through the power of our technology that doesn’t cost the earth.” -Jordana Desmyth, Commercial Channel Sales Manager at HP. 

Check the best way to dispose of retired tech. Even your old printer cartridges can be disposed of safely and sustainably. At Metropolitan Computers and Supplies we operate a program to do exactly that. We already have some customers who return their used cartridges to our warehouse for recycling and we hope to see this increase within the new financial year. 


While the tech sector has a fair way to go, businesses can make informed choices that minimise their own environmental impact when buying tech. Using HP Device Recovery for responsible disposal is just the first step. Organisations can include questions about environmental impact when they issue requests for tender, compare device energy consumption, and evaluate sustainability programs like HP Device Recovery. Our industry is blessed with innovators who can make a real difference.  We encourage our customers to hold us accountable for making a sustainable difference. 

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