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What is the HP Amplify Impact Program and why are we taking part in it?

The IT sector accounts for more than 2% of global emissions globally, equivalent to the aviation industry’s carbon footprint. With the continuous expansion of data centres and increasing number of devices, we can only expect this figure to increase over time. The world we live in today is only growing to be more digitally focused, rapidly developing the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing people to seamlessly collect and exchange data via wireless networks. Juniper Research estimates that the number of IoT connections will grow 130%, from 35 billion in 2020 to reaching 83 billion in 2024.


Here at Metro Computers, we refuse to turn a blind eye on the impact we have on the environment. We are dedicated to taking the steps to reduce our carbon footprint, like being part of HP’s Amplify Impact Program to improve our own sustainability performance. The HP Amplify Impact Program is a global structure that rewards partners for performance and collaboration as well as providing insight-driven tools to accelerate digital transformation. 


Being an IT provider, we have become serious about recycling. E-waste is responsible for 70% of the toxic chemicals such as lead, cadmium and mercury found in landfill. Along with this, electronic rubbish is growing at three times the rate of any other waste stream, where discarded devices are piling up around the world at 40 million per year. Since our warehouses are stocked with substantial amounts of devices, we have initiated a recycling program, where we dispose of all unwanted device equipment correctly, minimising our landfill contribution. We have extended this to our customers, encouraging them to return empty HP ink toners and cartridges to our in-house collection bin. 


We can proudly admit that we have eradicated all plastic plates, and all other single-use plastics in the Metro Computers office. We actively reuse packaging or recycle when necessary and are committed to only growing our recyclable intake so customers can dispose of PC’s, printers and monitors. According to Waste Australia, 98% of the components in a computer can be fully recycled. Even if half of this amount was discarded responsibly, 23,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions would be saved.  


In addition to our recycling efforts, we have invested in solar panels on all the buildings that house our device stockIn Australia, coal accounts for 75% of electricity generation. A coal power plant will release around 67,500 tonnes of emissions when producing 67,500 MWh, resulting to 25 times more than the total emissions produced by the 2-MW solar array.


Currently, we have installed 32 kilowatts of solar panels and expect this number to grow as we have plans to purchase more property over the years to come.  Get in touch with our team to learn more.

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