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Buying devices is a big decision. Not only is it a financial commitment, but your choice also plays a big part in workforce productivity. Increasingly, you must also consider the environmental impact of your purchase, both in manufacture process and ongoing use. So, how do you choose the right HP business laptop powered by Intel® for your needs, and which HP business desktop will cause the least environmental impact?  

HP’s sustainability program is well established and has influenced the design of HP business desktops and laptops for several years now. The company’s sustainability report offers a wealth of detail on its efforts. If that’s more reading than you have time for, look out for the EPEAT label next time you’re choosing an HP business desktop or laptop. This label indicates that the device meets stringent environmental criteria. 

Accessories haven’t been forgotten in the sustainability focus. Monitors and printers, even laptop bags have received some attention. The stylish HP Renew Laptop Bag is made from 100% recycled material, perfect for carrying that HP business laptop between meetings. Packaging, too, has changed. HP set some ambitious targets, including elimination of 75% of single use plastic packaging. In the first five years, the amount has already dropped by an impressive 44%, and more than 150,000 units have now been shipped using fibre moulded packing products. Unwrapping a new HP business desktop no longer leaves you surrounded by plastic bubble wrap. 


What are the products to look out for?

Here are some Metropolitan Computers and Supplies favourites

HP Elite Dragonfly

This top-tier HP business laptop offers incredible performance and an excellent collaboration experience whilst prioritising sustainable impact. Its distinctive slate blue case is the world’s first made using recycled aluminium. The casing for the Bang & Olufsen speakers has also been constructed from ocean bound plastics.

HP Elite

Built with ocean-bound plastics in the speaker enclosure, and an energy reducing design, this dependable HP business desktop is Energy Star certified, and is EPEAT registered in 19 countries.

Featuring recycled and ocean-bound plastic, and 92% power supply efficiency, this HP business desktop or mobile workstation is a champion that powers through the heaviest workloads while minimising your energy bill.

Elite One

Elegant and sophisticated, this HP business desktop has an all-in-one design that looks good in any home or office workspace. Proving beauty can be sustainable, at least 35% of all plastic materials are post-consumer recycled plastic. Not only this, the PC EPEAT is registered in 23 countries and the outer box packaging is 100% sustainably sourced.

HP Z4 Workstation

This powerful HP business desktop is dependable and ready to cope with astonishing workloads. It has been designed for a longer three-year lifecycle, so that it needs to be replaced less often. 

Want some help choosing devices and accessories that meet your performance, budget and environmental requirements? Ask us for a quote, or chat with our knowledgeable Metropolitan Computers and Supplies team today.

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