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When Subway approached us for assistance with a global POS rollout, here’s how we approached it

Logistics are challenging things to get right, especially when they’re part of a global rollout with a hard deadline, and the rollout is to service hundreds of locations simultaneously.

Thanks to sheer excellence in the logistics and supply co-ordination, and a firm commitment to delivering on client outcomes, the team at Metropolitan Computers and Supplies were commended with a global award from the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) giant, Subway.

“Metro Computers was instrumental in the nationwide upgrade to Subway’s POS hardware and software. Their blend of technical expertise and service delivery meant a quality experience for IPCA and Subway franchisees. 

Metro Computers worked with a range of other vendors to complete the rollout managing the complex logistics with clear communications and engagement. When dealing with multiple small businesses across a very wide geography many things can go wrong, and because of our partnership with Metro Computers, it was seamless and expertly delivered.”   

Monica Gorasia, Head of IT for IPC Asia Pacific

Metropolitan Computers and Supplies was tasked with delivering when rolling out a new Point of Sale (POS) solution across Australia, after Subway had embarked on a global refresh of both hardware and software. The project was a huge success and, from which, the global standard for future rollouts was set. It was not without its challenges, but Metropolitan Computers and Supplies was ultimately able to drive the project’s success. There were three key learnings from this process: it’s important to engage all stakeholders across vendors, partners and the client early, frequently and transparently.

The project was the result of HP winning a competitive tender for the refresh, which would be implemented and supported by Subway’s partner in Australia, IPC Asia Pacific. The project needed to be completed rapidly, as Subway was rolling out a software solution that needed the hardware in place at all franchisees. HP, in collaboration with Intel and Metropolitan Computers and Supplies, delivered on this strict deadline by keeping these three key considerations in mind.

Engage Early

This project faced twofold major challenges: the extremely tight deadline, and the fact that the franchisees would be required to install the systems themselves. Not all of them had the technical capabilities, and so, while the solution was ready out of the box, many still needed to draw on technical support.

Without engaging early and collaborating quickly, it would have been difficult to assist each franchisee in time. Subway and IPC Asia Pacific both wanted all franchisees to have every opportunity to meet the deadline set by global HQ, and therefore delays in delivery or support would have undermined the effort.

Engage Frequently

The amount of contact that was required between HP and Metropolitan Computers and Supplies to deliver the solution across Australia in such rapid time was extensive, with the key people involved speaking to one another multiple times per day. This highlights just how key communication is during a complex logistics operation. It also underpins why HP has a reputation for being able to work at scale and support its partners with boots on the ground. The company can deliver that to its customers because their teams – and the channel partners they work with – are both proactive and responsive in communication.

Be Transparent

Metropolitan Computers and Supplies won technology vendor of the year from Subway for their efforts in delivering this POS solution across Australia. Achieving that came down to their ability to have honest and frank conversations with their project partners, and particularly HP. Delivering systems in much less time than other solutions, ensuring a high rate of adoption.

These are always “best practice” business truths, but when facing time pressure, the ability to deliver in any partnership project really comes down to having a relationship that focuses on these three key values.

Learn more about how HP, Intel and Metropolitan Computers and Supplies was able work together and make Australia the most effective nation for Subway’s POS rollout in the region.

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