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HP Elitebook - A Deep Dive

Why these business computers are preferred by professionals and the features separating this business laptop from others on the market

HP Elitebook Business Laptops

At Metropolitan Computers & Supplies, we specialise in providing HP laptops, including the beloved HP EliteBook series. The HP EliteBook range are premium business laptop designed to provide the best performance and security for working professionals and casual users. Aesthetically, it benefits from a sleek style, which pairs perfectly with its cutting-edge functionality. Matching its name, the design resembles a thin book, which is light to carry and will fit in most computer bags. This HP laptop is also equipped with advanced features, making it one of the most reliable workspace computers on the market.

The HP EliteBook suits professionals who frequently operate laptops. This is underpinned by the computer being built with quality at the forefront of the development process. This results in a durable design that can withstand harsh conditions and a fun fact, even extreme temperatures, if needed. So whether your business is frequently working outdoors or you’re climatised to the comforts of the office space, the HP EliteBook will be able to handle the conditions and maintain top performance.

HP EliteBook Features & User Benefits

Across our supply of HP laptops, we can account for a range of customers and their various business needs by having 10 unique series of HP EliteBooks to select from. Within these series, there are also different versions that are either more affordable, or have price points reflected by their additional features, processing power and screen size. Below are just a few of our favourite shared capabilities within the HP EliteBook range.

Given our reliance on online calls and conferences in this post-pandemic climate, and an increased desire for businesses to connect with many vendors and international stakeholders, the HP EliteBook’s video recording capabilities should be one of the more exciting factors for those considering its use in a professional capacity. In fact, users of the newer HP EliteBooks will stand out on their Zoom, Skype and other similar online calls thanks to the computers’ acclaimed 5-megapixel sensors, which support up to 1080p video. Most users of laptops either which they own or use for work only have the ability to output 720p quality. The HP EliteBooks are also very considerate in helping their users look their best while on a video call, employing the ‘HP Auto Frame’ feature to align their head and body in the middle of the recording frame. Users can also dictate whether they prefer to only show their head or segment the shot by head, shoulders, and upper body.

Premium Business Laptops 

High end components, style and functionality for your money whist staying sustainable for the planet.

Sleek Design

HP’s range of business laptops feature detachable keyboards, 360 convertible screens or classic laptops that are sleek.

Industry Leading Performance 

From a silicon valley startup in 1939 to now, HP has been a market leader for decades.


Another key attribute in this range of HP laptops is the powerful processor. The HP EliteBook is equipped with the latest Intel Core processors, which provide lightning-fast speeds and the assurance that users can work on multiple tasks simultaneously, without the worry of lost performance. In turn, the HP EliteBook can also run demanding applications like editing tools smoothly. In addition to their powerful processor, the HP EliteBooks also boasts a high-quality display. The HP EliteBook 840, for example, has an incredible 14-inch full HD display, perfect for professionals who develop graphics and edit videos or for anyone who appreciates seeing all of the detail captured stunningly. Across the HP EliteBook line, there are also additional considerations for memory and storage. Given the importance of digital storage for a number of businesses, our team have had a tremendous amount of experience suggesting between the 256GB through to the 2TB devices and will be able to assist you too.


The HP EliteBook range of computers is also equipped with advanced security features, which will ensure your business and your team’s data is protected at all times. The laptops feature a built-in fingerprint scanner, providing security and speed convenience to the user’s login experience. Additional data security is also provided through the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware. More advantages of the HP EliteBook range include its impressive high-capacity battery. On a single charge, these laptops can reach up to 12 hours of usage, ideal for those needing to use a computer on the move and throughout the entire day.


HP laptops are also known for offering convenience and comfort to their users, with the HP EliteBook being no exception to this, rather a leading example. This is again due to its cutting-edge functionality, which benefits from several features, including a backlit keyboard that will allow you to work in dark environments. As well as an intuitive touchpad, which promotes the use of multi-touch gestures for its users to easily jump between applications, zoom in and out, plus drag around assets.

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