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Addressing The Challenges of Modern Data 

POS System

Addressing The Challenges of Modern Data Data was already a critical area of investment that cuts to the core of modern business success. Data is essential for connecting with customers, supporting decision-making, and embracing innovation. Things are only set to accelerate from here. AI is on the horizon, and AI success comes down entirely to […]

HP Business Desktop – Powerful Hardware Suited to Businesses with Heavy Workloads

HP EliteDesk

HP Business Desktop – Powerful Hardware Suited to Businesses with Heavy Workloads Computing Power, Backed by Impenetrable Security At Metropolitan Computers and Supplies, we specialise in providing hardware designed and manufactured by HP. HP Business Desktops are intended for use in business environments (and other sectors), where reliability, performance and security are critical.   HP […]

5 Ways HP Device Recovery is the Sustainable Business Choice

Sustainable Businesses

HP Device Recovery: 5 Ways Your Business Can Operate and Procure Tech More Sustainably It is the biggest of many challenges facing the world today, but could the technology industry do more on sustainability? The impact of technology is well-documented. According to the UN, the tech sector is responsible for 2 to 3 per cent […]

Sustainable Procurement with HP Business Laptops

HP Business Laptops

How to Prevent HP Business Laptops from Tech Landfill Tech waste is an escalating problem, with an astounding 50 million tons accumulated annually. For organizations committed to reducing their environmental impact, disposing of end-of-life tech plays a crucial role in their sustainability efforts. Let’s say you’ve diligently chosen a fleet of upgraded HP business laptops […]

Choose with Confidence, HP Business Desktops & Laptops

HP Business Desktop & Laptop Blog Header

Procure Your HP Business Desktop and Laptop with Confidence Buying devices is a big decision. Not only is it a financial commitment, but your choice also plays a big part in workforce productivity. Increasingly, you must also consider the environmental impact of your purchase, both in manufacture process and ongoing use. So, how do you […]

Performance Champion and Environmental Legend: HP Elite Dragonfly G3

Dragonfly Blog Header Images

HP Elite Dragonfly G3: How the Performance Champion Became an Environmental Legend For any organisation, customer satisfaction and employee morale make a real difference to long-term success. That means caring about what matters to these key groups. With four out of five consumers preferring to shop from brands who care about sustainability. It stands to […]

HP Monitors – Why HP Are Renowned for their Display Screens

HP Curved Monitor

Why HP Are Renowned for their Display Screens Premium Monitors – A Range of Display Screens Including Different Features and Functions Hewlett-Packard (HP) is iconically known for its production of superior display screens made to suit any user. They design monitors to offer high-quality visuals and a smooth viewing experience, making them ideal for office […]

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